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Mark Pro storage – nice prospects.

Consistent concepts and strategic milestones deserve a worthy setting and place of retreat. Mark Pro meets this demand. And perhaps exceeds it a little. With thought-out details that anticipate ambitious requirements.

Mark Pro Drehtuerschrank Management Stauraum Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

Tailored for managers and masters of their art.

General cabinet solutions and floating sideboards offer fine crockery, sensitive documents and sweet sins a discreet privacy shield, while statement pens and accessories find a stylish home in the high-quality container furniture in this range.

Mark Pro Stauraum Schrank Management Buero Moebel Ausstattung Exklusiv Neudoerfler
Mark Pro Management Stauraum Moebel Buero Neudoerfler

For everyone who makes their own mark.

Our iconic Management storage range is also manufactured with lots of love for detail, maximum crafted precision and honest respect for the limited resources of nature. Here, you can make mature decisions in peace and quiet, and celebrate well-earned success. A timelessly successful design language for work and life in perfect harmony.

Mark Pro Drehtuerschrank Stauraum Management Neudoerfler
Mark Pro Stauraum Drehtuerschrank Haengeschrank Management Stauraum Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

The new professionalism.

Whether sideboard, hinged-door cabinet, shelf, drawer container or wide container, the sheer variety of the Mark Pro storage solutions and configuration options fulfil every wish. Simply plenty of space for everything that simplifies your working day. And inspires the next vision.

Mark Pro Stauraum Sideboard Drehtuerschrank Regal Ladencontainer Breitcontainer Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

Made it to the top?

As a manager, you naturally expect three things: exclusivity, excellence and tangible success. Our high-end wall panels made of stone veneer or vegan leather alternatives set the stage for these qualities to perfection. And they remain highly functional thanks to exquisite wall cabinets and glass cabinets that fit harmoniously into the panel’s organising rails. For first-class design within reach. And an all-round accomplished appearance.

Mark Pro Stauraum Bueromoebel Wandpaneel Haengeschrank Sideboard Arbeitsplatz Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

A wide range of colours and materials are available to choose from for all Mark Pro storage elements. Choose according to your taste:

Carcass & front

High-gloss front

Installation colour

Sideboard attachment


Wall panel, painted

Wall panel, stone veneer

Wall panel, vegan leather alternative

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Size Mark Pro sideboard

Width in cm 240
Depth in cm 45.2
Height in cm (without pedestal) 80

Sizes Mark Pro hinged-door cabinet

Widths in cm 80 / 120 / 160 / 240
Depth in cm 45.2
Heights in cm (without pedestal) 40 / 80 / 120

Sizes Mark Pro shelf

Widths in cm 80 / 120 / 160 / 240
Depth in cm 43
Heights in cm (without pedestal) 40 / 80 /120

Size Mark Pro drawer container

Width in cm 43
Depth in cm 80
Height in cm 50

Size Mark Pro wide container

Width in cm 120
Depth in cm 43.2
Height in cm 42.8

Sizes Mark Pro wall panel

Widths in cm 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 / 220 / 240
Depth in cm 4
Height in cm 243.5