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Sedus open up – sitting in comfort can be this light.

The transparent design of the open up discussion chair conveys openness and lightness for optimal comfort and an exchange of ideas with vision.

Sedus open up konferenzstuhl sitzmoebel bueromoebel neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Inviting at first glance.

The open up conference and visitor chair impresses with its light and inviting forms. These make it ideally suitable for reception areas, discussion zones and conference rooms.

Sedus open up besprechungsstuhl freischwinger meeting buero neudoerfler
Sedus open up besprechungsstuhl bueromoebel neudoerfler

Prestigious and comfortable.

Whether as a swivel chair or cantilever, the open up makes no compromises. Thoughtful equipment options make it possible to adapt the chair to the user’s requirements. For example, the backrest can be given a flexible mesh membrane or a pleasant flat cushion with leather or fabric covering.

Sedus open up konferenz stuhl meeting bueromoebel neudoerfler
Sedus open up konferenzsessel freischwinger bueromoebel einrichtung neudoerfler