MC Sofa – a place to feel at ease.

For meetings, a shared lunch break or a quick brainstorming session, the MC Sofa always offers somewhere comfortable and stylish to sit.

Lande MC Sofa Lounge Meeting Mittelzone Neudoerfler

A product from Lande.

For shared experiences.

The sofa brings people together and creates a feel-good atmosphere at work. The diverse design options leave nothing to be desired. The sofa adapts to every setting and offers countless ways to sit in comfort.

Lande MC Sofa Sitzgelegenheit Polster Neudoerfler
Lande MC Sofa Polstermoebel Neudoerfler

Simply changeable.

Whether comfortable in fabric or elegant in leather and wood look, the MC Sofa is noted for its ability to change. The tall backrest ensures maximum comfort and shielding from noise. The lower backrest creates an airy and light atmosphere.

Lande MC Sofa Stoff Rueckenlehne Polster Mittelzone Neudoerfler
Lande MC Sofa Leder Holz Rueckenlehne Neudoerfler Jpg

Functional and beautifully designed.

The MC sofa furniture offers numerous combination options thanks to its diversity. For example, the sofa elements can be placed back to back for a cosy lounge look. Freestanding elements in the room make for ideal partitions. For even more homeliness, they come padded on the rear.

Lande MC Sofa Kombination Sitzmoebel Neudoerfler
Lande MC Sofa Couch Sitzen Mittelzone Neudoerfler