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Venice by Neudoerfler shelf – everything to hand.

Like an open book. The Venice shelves reveal what is otherwise hidden and are the perfect showcase for everything worth seeing. Whether completely organised and meticulously arranged or whether creative chaos is given free rein – the shelves can be filled as the mood takes you. If you prefer a minimalist look, you can use stylish decorative elements to add highlights and give the shelves an extra touch of elegance.

Venice by neudoerfler regal bueromoebel ausstattung serie elegant stauraum

Next level storage space.

Placed close to the work area, everything necessary is always within reach on the shelves. The modular design of the Venice by Neudoerfler shelving also allows for a variety of combination options and provides room to express individuality. The elevated position raises the Venice shelves to a higher level – for effortless work at ideal working height. Equipped with a visible rear wall, the shelves also make great room dividers.

Venice by neudoerfler regal moebel buero homeoffice architektur
Venice by neudoerfler regal schrank bueromoebel

Fixed or flexible?

The shelves of our shelving units are fitted in a fixed position and therefore inspire the elegant, minimalist look. That being said though, if you prefer to stay flexible, you can order the shelves with optional row holes. This allows the shelves to be adjusted individually – for more freedom in designing the shelf contents.

Venice by neudoerfler regal bueromoebel homeoffice einrichtung
Venice by neudoerfler regal stauraum beine design statement

Beautifully solid.

The sturdy substructure, consisting of a frame and legs, withstands even greater loads – so that both heavy foods and big ideas are accommodated.

Venice by neudoerfler regal homeoffice einrichtung buero stauraum
Venice by neudoerfler regal stauraum arbeitsplatz einrichtung buero

Best of Design Award – an award-winning product series.

Venice by Neudoerfler has been honoured by the Best of Design Award in the category "Shelves and Sideboards". The product line convinced the jury in terms of design, sustainability, ergonomics and functionality. Discover the award-winning furniture series.

Colors & materials

Uni decorations in melamine

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Wood decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine


Frame & legs


Widths in cm 80 / 160 / 240
Depths in cm 43 / 45
Heights in cm (incl. frame & legs) 69,7 (1 FH) / 107,2 (2 FH) / 144,7 (3 FH) / 182,2 (4 FH)