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Venice by Neudoerfler mix & match – the new favourite spot.

For a personal touch. All standard units from the Venice collection can be freely combined with each other. This results in limitless combination possibilities that add an individual touch to any office or home office and offer even more space for freedom and lightness.

Venice by neudoerfler sitzbank regal schrank kombination bueromoebel homeoffice loungemoebel

For even more creative freedom.

We produce all Venice furniture in series using the latest technologies – yet we still leave enough freedom for individuality. All combinations are tailor-made exactly according to your wishes with a lot of passion, heart and soul.

Venice by neudoerfler regal pflanzwanne bueromoebel konfiguration beine statement
Venice by neudoerfler sitzbank schrank kombination mix match buero homeoffice moebel

Construction kit for grown-ups.

The modular design of Venice by Neudoerfler allows the combination of different elements even beyond the standard configurations. This makes it possible to fulfil individual wishes – providing moments of well-being that are very personal to you.

Venice by neudoerfler sitzbank loungemoebel buero
Venice by neudoerfler sitzbank regal kombination moebel lounge stauraum buero homeoffice
Venice by neudoerfler stauraum moebel schrank regal kombination individuell einrichtung

Best of Design Award – an award-winning product series.

Venice by Neudoerfler has been honoured by the Best of Design Award in the category "Shelves and Sideboards". The product line convinced the jury in terms of design, sustainability, ergonomics and functionality. Discover the award-winning furniture series.

Colors & materials

Uni decorations in melamine

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Wood decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine





Widths in cm 80 / 160 / 240
Depths in cm 43 / 45
Heights in cm (incl. frame & legs) 69,7 (1 FH) / 107,2 (2 FH) / 144,7 (3 FH) / 182,2 (4 FH)
Sizes vary based on product selection
Venice by neudoerfler schrank garderobe kombination individuell moebel