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Venice by Neudoerfler plant tray – everything in green.

Do you want to work in a green space, even without a park or garden nearby? No problem thanks to the Venice plant trays – simply let the calming properties of the plants take wash over you and after a few minutes your energy reserves are full again for the next tasks in what can often be a stressful everyday working life. Whether the plants are lush green or broken up with colourful blossoms – there are no limits to creativity when designing the planters. In any case, they're a real eye-catcher.

Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne begruenung buero stauraum moebel

Just take a breath.

Green plants in the office not only offer relaxation for the eyes away from computer screens, but also contribute to better air quality. This makes it easy to integrate short moments of relaxation among the greenery into everyday working life during breaks or between meetings – helping you be more concentrated and have clear thoughts.

Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne homeoffice buero einrichtung
Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne buero homeoffice biophil schrank moebel

Bringing a touch of flair to the working day.

Depending on preference, the furniture in discreet colours fits subtly into the surroundings and allows the plants to speak for themselves. Or arrange these colourful highlights in an eye-catching design that support the radiance of the greenery even more.

Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne moebel design einrichtung
Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne stauraum accessoire buero moebel

For everyone with (or without) green fingers.

Plants have been shown to contribute to better air quality. That's why they play an essential role in office furnishing. The Venice by Neudoerfler planters have a plastic insert that can be planted in just a few steps – filled with frugal green plants, even a child could keep them alive and well cared for. The combination of several planters creates a green oasis in the office, meeting room or open space area – for even more of a feel-good atmosphere which translates into relaxed and productive work.

Venice by neudoerfler pflanzwanne schrank bueroeinrichtung homeoffice raumklima

Best of Design Award – an award-winning product series.

Venice by Neudoerfler has been honoured by the Best of Design Award in the category "Shelves and Sideboards". The product line convinced the jury in terms of design, sustainability, ergonomics and functionality. Discover the award-winning furniture series.

Colors & materials

Uni decorations in melamine

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Wood decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine


Plastic insert

Frame & legs


Widths in cm 80 / 160 / 240
Depths in cm 43 / 45
Heights in cm (incl. frame & legs) 56,6 (1 FH) / 94,1 (2 FH)