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CONTINUUM – bar stool inspired by a paper clip.

CONTINUUM stands for a design to remember. It enhances bar areas, communication zones and flexible workstations.

Lapalma Continuum Produktfamilie Hocker Holz Neudoerfler

A product from Lapalma.

A paper clip as inspiration.

It hasn’t changed a jot since its invention in 1899. But nobody could have imagined that the paper clip, one of the most common items of everyday office life, would inspire the imagination of Fabio Bortolani and transform into a stool.

Lapalma Continuum Barhocker Weiss Neudoerfler
Lapalma Continuum Barhocker Schwarz Neudoerfler

Continuous lines.

The name says it all: CONTINUUM stands for continuous lines. The wonderful shape of the CONTINUUM is prescribed by an uninterrupted line of curved metal. Even the seat follows the contour and appears light and simple, as if it would flow into and merge with the footrest.

Lapalma Continuum Barhocker Holz Neudoerfler
Lapalma Continuum Freisteller Barhocker Neudoerfler

Simple, but rich in details.

CONTINUUM is available in two different heights with a frame of powder-coated metal. The seat pan follows the contours of the frame. Here, you can choose between bleached oak, open-pore stained in black, painted in white, or covered with soft leather.