F1 – the dynamic swivel chair for more flexibility in the (home) office.

The F1 family comprises a range of flexible and dynamic swivel chairs which can be configured according to your needs and preferences.

Viasit Ambiente F1 Netz

A product from Viasit.

An all-rounder.

The high-quality F1 office chair leaves nothing to be desired. The extensive range of equipment options enables the chair to be individually adjusted to every user. Whether with or without armrests, padded backrest or one made of a mesh membrane, the swivel chairs all have something in common: top quality and superb comfort.

F1 Netz 6140020 Lumbal Hp
Neudoerfler F1 buerostuhl ergonomie polster moebel

The ideal partner for the office.

Sophisticated technologies deliver an unforgettable experience and maximum freedom of movement while seated. The individually adjustable flexible joint assists each movement, supporting the body perfectly in all seat positions.

F1 Netz 6140020 Lumbal Ra
F1 Netz 6140020 Lumbal Sali