N:Flex – flexibility in every position.

Clear design and optimal comfort make this range of office chairs a must for every workstation. The 3D mesh back conveys a sense of lightness while the technical features make dynamic sitting child’s play.

Nflex sviwel chair homeoffice seating furniture health neudoerfler

Dynamic sitting for varied working days.

The N:Flex swivel chair with the fabric finish comes with a breathable and elastic 3D mesh back and 3D armrests. The extremely comfortable seat with high-quality moulded foam padding contributes to a relaxed way of working. Thanks to its various mechanisms such as the Synchron, the swivel chair can be individual adjusted to each person’s requirements in just a few simple steps.

Nflex Buerodrehstuhl Homeoffice Ergonomie Sitzmoebel Neudoerfler
N flex drehstuhl bueromoebel neudoerfler
Nflex Drehstuhl Bueromoebel Homeoffice Neudoerfler