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For more fun in education – educational furnishings from a single source.

What does a learning environment need so that everyone can develop to their full potential, so that strengths are recognised and fostered, so that a love of learning is sparked? That is what particularly interests us at Neudoerfler. We not only develop office furniture to make you feel good, but have also been supplying furnishings for schools, universities and technical colleges for many years – all from a single source.

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Because learning is only fun in the right surroundings.

When it comes to spatial planning, the Neudoerfler consulting team brings its specific expertise on furnishing in the education sector to the table. Together, we create an optimal learning and working atmosphere for teachers, pupils and students.

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In a class of our own.

Height-adjustable tables for big and little users, colourful shelving as a colour accent and storage space as well as acoustically effective pinboards create space for development.

The school desks grow from class to class and offer space for maths books, notes between friends and more. Using a cordless screwdriver or a lever, the height of the table can be adjusted in a single movement. A basket and a peg are tucked away under the tabletop. School bags can conveniently be stowed there and notebooks quickly vanish under the tabletop during breaktime. For school days full of a zest for life – with the right school furniture, the love of learning and team spirit almost come naturally.

Schule moebel ausstattung tische stuehle klassenzimmer neudoerfler
Schulmoebel klassenzimmer tische einrichtung stuehle neudoerfler

Flexible spaces for coming together.

In the assembly hall and corridors, lounge furniture or seating areas form a centre for communication. Flexible lounge furniture and buddy group tables can be moved around at the whim of pupils and students to create different settings and meet individual needs.

Einrichtung schule mittelschule volksschule moebel lounge neudoerfler
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For more peace and quiet at lunchtime.

With acoustically effective furniture, the staff room becomes a true retreat for teachers and lecturers and, at the same time, a communication centre where they can recharge their energy during the break.

To ensure that the acoustics are also perfect during lunchtime, the fronts of the cabinets can be equipped with acoustically effective perforations. Special pinboards are organisational aids as well as stylish noise absorbers. Alternating between sitting and standing while working is the healthiest approach – so high desks provide a welcome change.

Space for personal items. Jackets, shoes and valuables can be stowed in lockers and storage areas, and snacks can be kept safe. With fronts in accent colours, they provide an individual touch.

Schuleinrichtung stauraum locker schrank schueler neudoerfler
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Read, learn, laugh.

A favourite spot for bookworms and study groups. The library should be not only a place to store books, but also somewhere comfortable for pupils and students to read and learn. Movable stools that can be placed freely throughout the room allow groups of friends and learners to assemble flexibly.

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Moebel bildung schule bibliothek sitzmoebel neudoerfler
Bildungseinrichtung lernraum moebel tisch lernen neudoerfler

Let us create a feel-good place!

A place of well-being for pupils and teachers, students and lecturers. A feel-good place to learn from each other, laugh together and encourage each other.

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