Coca-Cola – time for a change.

The Coca-Cola Company is considered to be the largest beverage company in the world and sells over 3,900 products in more than 200 countries around the globe. In Austria, the popular drink is made and bottled by Coca-Cola HBC Austria.

Neudoerfler Coca Cola Arbeitstische Schiebetuerschraenke Drehstuehle

Classic, practical, good.

For the company’s site in Vienna, Neudoerfler designed a spacious, open-plan office with 320 workstations on an area of around 6,300 m². These were equipped with work tables, swivel chairs, cabinets and notice boards, with Coca-Cola opting primarily for Neudoerfler’s office classics: the popular Motion range impresses with its timeless, simple design as well as an extensive selection of materials that leaves nothing to be desired. Stylish splashes of colour in the unmistakable Coca-Cola red bring a fresh touch to everyday working life and give the simple and airy office space a lift.

Meet:Me tables, the flexible bestseller amongst the conference tables, were also used to equip the 18 meeting rooms.

Neudoerfler Coca Cola Besprechungsraum Besprechungstisch Stuehle Sitzflaeche Rot
Neudoerfler Coca Cola Buero Arbeitsplaetze Schiebetuerschraenke
“We created a modern work environment with an open space concept that promotes even more interaction and teamwork and offers the employees numerous communication areas.”
Frank O‘Donnell, General Manager Coca-Cola HBC Austria
Neudoerfler Coca Cola Schiebetuerschraenke Arbeitstisch Stuehle
Neudoerfler Coca Cola Schiebetuerschraenke

Flexible, fast, reliable.

The project was characterised by an ambitious timescale: six weeks from order placement to installation. Neudoerfler scored well with smooth processing and stuck closely to delivery deadlines, despite the short lead times and tightly scheduled assembly times.

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Customer name

Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH

Office consultant

Tecno Office Consult GmbH

Supplied furniture

320 working spaces with Motion work tables, organisable tabletop notice board classic, Motion sliding-door cabinet, 460 swivel chairs and conference chairs such as Viasit Linea conference chair, Meet:me conference table and Motion discussion and conference table in meeting rooms

Project team

Neudoerfler Wien

Neudoerfler Coca Cola Flaschen
Neudoerfler Coca Cola Arbeitstische Pinnwand Schrank Stuehle