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Pully – the flexible stool.

The unconventional stool with the slightly different shape brings flexibility to the office. Because it can be quickly and easily placed just where it’s needed.

Cascando Pully stool chair lounge furniture office neudoerfler

A product from Cascando.

Elegant comfort.

With its unusual design, the Cascando Pully brings a refined twist to the workstation. It fits elegantly in every spatial situation and adds a touch of home comfort to your office or lounge.

Cascando Pully stool workshop lounge furniture neudoerfler
Cascando Pully stool seating furniture office furniture neudoerfler

Beauty is in the details.

The handy leather loop enables effortless flexibility and variable use of the stool in different (office) areas. The stool is also noted for its wide selection of coverings and colours. If required, it can be combined with the couch, discussion and tall tables from the same range to create a harmonious overall look in your office.

Cascando Pully stool lounge furniture office furniture school neudoerfler