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Pillow Wall – wall panels with the power of attraction.

With the Pillow Wall, you can transform any wall into a dynamic information centre and meeting place.

Cascando Pillow Wall yellow and grey Neudoerfler

A product from Cascando.

Subtle statement with effective function.

The stylish wall panels provide a dedicated and prestigious home for brochures, magazines, cards or personal items. When combined with coat rack hooks, jackets and coats can also be safely stored. The wide range of cover fabrics and colours makes it possible to individually design each office, waiting area or common room with the panels. Thanks to their acoustically effective structure, the panels also absorb disruptive ambient noises for an improved feel-good atmosphere you can relax in.

Cascando Pillow Wall wall panels Neudoerfler
Cascando Pillow Wall wall panels magazine holder Neudoerfler
Cascando Pillow Wall Wall panel Cloakroom Magazine holder Acoustic Office Reception Neudoerfler