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Cascando Trunk – more than just a partition.

The mobile Trunk elements can be used in all sorts of ways and are also a fashionable accessory..

Cascando Trunk room divider multifunctional yellow Neudoerfler

A product from Cascando.

Mobile all-rounder.

Trunk is as variable as the daily challenges of everyday office life. Leather loops and smooth-running castors allow the partitions to be moved around without any problem and effortlessly used in different places.

Cascando Trunk whiteboard leather loop Neudoerfler
Cascando Trunk carrier bag beige Neudoerfler

More than a partition wall.

Trunk is available in different sizes and with different materials. This means the partitions can be ideally used for presentations or events as a notice board, whiteboard or with LCD monitors. Trunk can optionally be provided with sound-absorbent premium wool to make visual as well as acoustic statements.

Cascando Trunk multifunctional room separation Neudoerfler