BuzziTotem – the sound-absorbing acoustic pillar.

The freestanding BuzziTotem acoustic pillar ensures balanced background noise. The design element also brings peace and quiet to the open-plan office or reception area.

Buzzitotem Buzzispace Akustiksaeule Akustik Geraeuschmindernd Buero Neudoerfler

A product from BuzziSpace.

Can be retrofitted whenever required.

A pillar that creates peace in the office – how does that work? Very simply: the rounded shape scatters the sound, while the padded acoustic foam body completely absorbs the noise. With their small footprint, the pillars can also be integrated very easily into existing spaces. They ensure quiet and balance when the background noise needs to be retroactively adjusted. They can be very easily installed in corners to catch sound waves.

Securely placed anywhere you like.

The pillar is attached to a powder-coated metal plate to ensure stability. If you need to change location, simply take the mobile pillar with you.

Buzzitotem Buzzispace Akustik Meeting Ruhe Neudoerfler
Buzzitotem Buzzispace Laerm Buero Akustik Neudoerfler

Design element with acoustic function.

Thanks to the wide range of materials, the BuzziTotem can become a design element in your space and adapts perfectly to its surroundings. If you value authenticity, you can choose recycled fabrics or natural materials, such as wool.

Round or square?

The BuzziTotem product family consists of three models: triangular, cylinder or square. All three are also available in three different heights. Depending on the spatial situation and model, quiet sounds such as fans, medium sounds such as conversations and louder sounds such as the ringing of mobile phones can be muted.

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