BuzziBalance – a balancing artist.

BuzziBalance is a mobile pouffe that promotes active sitting while also reducing noise, making it the perfect solution for creative spaces.

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A product from BuzziSpace.

Balanced standing and activated sitting.

The idea behind the design of BuzziBalance? Promoting movement and communication in the office.

The taller seat element in the product range offers an ergonomic alternative to a work chair. The hemispherical base promotes movement and strengthens the mid-section. Whether stretching your back during a phone call or moving dynamically in a creative meeting.

When standing, the BuzziBalance Board stimulates the muscles. While you keep your balance on the curved wooden rocking board, your mind and body are given a boost.

The lowest, wider shape offers a playful way to sit and work on the go in lounges and break rooms.

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Acoustically balanced.

BuzziBalance is a welcome change for communal areas in schools, libraries, offices or for healthcare purposes. Specially designed air holes inside the pouffe absorb the noise made by high and low tones for a balanced sound environment. BuzziBalance therefore also has an acoustic effect.

BuzziSpace BuzziBalance balance board pouf seating furniture office ergonomics neudoerfler
BuzziBalance seating pouf furniture office neudoerfler