BuzziMood – the mossy acoustic alternative.

The moss-covered panels create a feeling of acoustic calm and peace of mind. The botanical appearance brings a bit of nature into the office.

Buzzispace Buzzimood Akustikelemente Schallabsorbierend Buero Lobby Lounge Neudoerfler

A product from BuzziSpace.

Green oasis in the office.

BuzziMood reduces office noise, ensures a pleasant level of air humidity and creates a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. The moss panels offer an easy-care alternative to classic acoustic elements, as they don’t need watering. The acoustic wall solution uses reindeer moss, which has extraordinary sound-absorbent properties. Fabric can also be used as an optional covering for the elements. The combination of moss and fabric elements is another real head-turner in an open-plan office or lounge area.

Buzzispace Buzzimood acoustic panels moss neudoerfler
Buzzispace Buzzimood Wandelemente Moos Akustikpaneel Schallabsorbierend Buero Neudoerfler
Buzzispace Buzzimood Akustikelemente Moos Absorber Buero Neudoerfler