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BLAQ chair – the straightforward conference chair.

Clear, straightforward, functional, independent. That’s how the designer, Martin Ballendat, describes his BLAQ chair.

Blaq Braun Lockenhaus Bestuhlung Event Vortrag Saal

A product from BRAUN Lockenhaus.

Being sturdy and breathable at the same time is not a contradiction.

The BLAQ range redefines conference seating: with exquisite design, excellent comfort and outstanding value for money. A mesh cover is rather unusual on linking and stacking chairs, but that’s what makes the BLAQ chair unique. The transparent mesh cover offers a high degree of stability plus all the advantages of a breathable material.

Blaq Braun Lockenhaus Sessel Meeting Netz Schwarz
Blaq Braun Lockenhaus Stuhl Grau Besprechung

The BLAQ chair is a real winner.

The premium models of the BLAQ chair enrich every space, from conference, seminar and congress areas to event spaces. Thanks to their simple handling, design quality and wide range of uses, they are real eye-catchers both when linked in rows and when used on their own. That’s not the only reason why the BLAQ chair is a real winner. This innovative chair won the German Design Award in 2018 and the Good Design Award in 2017.

Braun Lockenhaus Blaq Chair Konferenzstuhl Besprechungsstuhl Sitzmoebel Bueromoebel Neudoerfler