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Prelight – soundproofing and lighting at the desk.

The perfect fusion of light and acoustics at the workstation becomes a reality thanks to Prelight. The smart lighting concept combined with a sound absorber ensures natural light and pleasant background noise in the office.

Preform Prelight Pinnwand Beleuchtung Schallschutz Arbeitsplatz Bueromoebel Neudoerfler

A product from Preform.

Perfectly illuminated.

Two of the most common disruptive factors at work are poor acoustics and unpleasant lighting. Prelight provides a remedy for this through a unique combination of soundproofing and workstation lighting. Integrating the LED strip on the top of the partition creates even, dazzle-free illumination that approaches that of natural daylight and can be individually regulated. This way, there’s no need for additional ceiling lights or standard lamps. The clever arrangement of the lighting strip diffracts sound and reduces ambient noises, letting you concentrate fully on the task at hand.

Preform Prelight Beleuchtung Pinnwand Schreibtisch Arbeitsplatz Schallschutz Buero Neudoerfler