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NOOXS Think Tank – let the ideas flow.

The NOOXS Think Tank creates the possibility for retreat and meetings wherever it’s needed. Ultimately, office encounters also need quiet and concentration to create a sense of balance. The up to 2.65 m-tall, room-in-room systems are freestanding and can therefore be used everywhere.

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A product from Bene.

Versatile for flexible use everywhere.

NOOXS Think Tank is a highly varied modular system consisting of solid wall and door elements. The elements can be freely combined to adapt to the individual requirements for design and function. The discussion booths are quick to assemble and have no permanent connection to the building. They are fully autonomous with integrated lighting and a ventilation system.

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Bene nooxs think tank bueroeinrichtung besprechungskoje raumsystem neudoerfler

Mix & match.

The NOOXS Think Thank can be individually furnished to suit requirements and thus determines the purposes for which it is used: as a meeting room, for discussions while standing or as a phone box, everything is possible. The wall elements can be finished as required in melamine, veneer, paint, glass or fabric. A large number of colours and standard sizes enable the individual composition of your personal NOOXS Think Tank.

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Nooxs think tank bene besprechung raumsystem trennwand akustik neudoerfler
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