HÅG Futu – the nature of Scandinavia cast in a chair.

Compact design, intuitive operating elements and modern accents make it possible to use the HÅG Futu swivel chair everywhere – in the home office, office or meeting room. Thanks to its clear and reduced design, as well as its compact dimensions, it fits seamless into every work environment.

Hag Futu office chair swivel chair homeoffice furniture neudoerfler

A product from HÅG.

Balance and movement.

The chair provides maximum freedom of movement and keeps the body constantly in balance. The natural desire to move is promoted by effortlessly changing the sitting position, which becomes part of your work routine. The optional lumbar support provides extra hold and support for long hours spent sitting at work.

Hag Futu swivel chair seating furniture office furniture chair neudoerfler
Hag futu office chair homeoffice ergonomics neudoerfler

Colourful selection.

The HÅG Futu is very user-friendly and therefore ideally suited for work environments with changing users. Intuitive control elements make individual adjustments quick, easy and straightforward. The HÅG Futu is available in three versions, each of which offers a large selection of colours inspired by nature in Scandinavia. The cover for the backrest comes as a choice of mesh and densely woven fabric. Armrests can be attached as an option.

HAG futu drehstuhl konferenzstuhl bueromoebel neudoerfler
HAG futu buerostuhl drehstuhl sitzmoebel bueromoebel neudoerfler