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Motion coat rack – getting the right hang of it.

For a stylish arrangement. Our coat racks are as varied as a working day. The panels are available with melamine, fabric or whiteboard surfaces. If desired, they can be supplemented with a hat or umbrella rack.

Coat rack hook storage space shelf hat rack umbrella office equipment neudoerfler

Creatively combined.

Coat hooks in four colors and panels in six sizes offer countless combinations and variations for the coat rack, whether it is at home or in the office.

Wardrobe coat rack element panel hook storage office furniture neudoerfler

Sustainability as the main focus.

If the Garderobenhaken are no longer needed, they do not have to be disposed of. All of the hooks are made of recyclable 3D-printed plant-based plastic and can be recycled again, contributing to a sustainable future.

Coat hook office at home sustainably degradable neudoerfler

So it never gets boring.

Our coat rack hooks are attached with a simple, well-thought-out mounting mechanism that makes a big difference. To change to a new hook with perhaps a new colour, simply 'click' the hook with a simple movement.

Coat rack hook storage office furnishing accessories home neudoerfler

Colours & materials

Our Motion coat racks offer numerous colour- and material variations. Choose from the four colors for the hooks as well as different options for the coat rack panels and hat rack.

Coat rack hooks

Uni decorations in melamine

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Wood decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine


Our Motion coat racks are available in numerous sizes and therefore fit seamlessly into any surroundings.


Width x height in cm
60 x 30 80 x 30
60 x 93,7 80 x 93,7
60 x 187,5 80 x 187,5

Sizes for whiteboard surfaces

Width x height in cm
60 x 93,7 80 x 93,7
60 x 187,5 80 x 187,5