BuzziBlox – sound-absorbent works of art.

The BuzziBlox acoustic panels combine design and function in unique way. Their sound-absorbent effect creates pleasant acoustics. They are also a real eye-catcher, thanks to their outstanding look and unusual shapes.

Buzzispace Buzziblox Akustikpaneele Akustik Raum Buero Neudoerfler

A product from BuzziSpace.

Acoustic and decorative element in one.

A quiet environment is important for being able to work in a concentrated, focused manner, especially in offices. The BuzziBlox acoustic panels absorb disruptive sounds and ambient noise. The special acoustic foam inside prevents the sound waves from being reflected back into the room. The extraordinary, sound-absorbent properties of the BuzziBlox are due to its density and porosity, making it an acoustic must-have as they work for all frequencies. With their numerous design options, they are not only an acoustic but also a decorative element that upgrades every space.

Buzzispace Buzziblox Akustik Schalldaempfer Sound Reduktion Buero Neudoerfler
Buzzispace Buzziblox Akustik Wandpaneel Absorber Neudoerfler

Extraordinary style idiom.

Rectangular, square, honeycomb-shaped or trapezoidal – the BuzziBlox acoustic elements can be combined in countless sizes, shapes and colours. Matching them to your interior furnishings is therefore really easy. With the focus always being on the sound-absorbent effect

Buzzispace Buzziblox Buero Akustik Wandpaneel Formen Neudoerfler
Buzzispace Buzziblox Akustik Paneel Ruhezone Meeting Buero Neudoerfler
Buzzispace Buzziblox Akustikpaneele Raumakustik Absorbierend Schall Buero Neudoerfler