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Healthy working from home

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The home has developed from living space to the centre of life. Leisure & work, productivity & relaxation, concentration & exchange with colleagues – all this now happens within one's own four walls. However, these are often not designed for healthy working. What does it take to do fulfil all these different needs and to work productively and healthily in the home office?

When setting up an ergonomic workplace, various components come into play. The basics for healthy working in a home office are:

  • height-adjustable desk
  • individually adjustable office chair
  • adequate lighting
  • acoustic shielding
  • pleasant room climate

Height-adjustable desk: for the right position & more movement.

Homeoffice height-adjustable desk sit stand ergonomic neudoerfler
Homeoffice desk height-adjustable sit stand work neudoerfler
Electrically height-adjustable desk homeoffice sit stand neudoerfler

A height-adjustable desk is ideal. It allows you to work both sitting and standing, and the height for the perfect sitting position can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Alternating between sitting and standing automatically adds movement to your workday and back and neck pain can be prevented. Another plus point of a height-adjustable desk: it can also be used well for teenagers in home schooling, as it simply grows with them.

An alternative to a sit-stand table is a desk which’ sitting height can be adjusted according to your individual body size. During assembly, the height of the desk is adjusted individually and it is easier for you to find an ergonomic sitting position.

Individually adjustable office chair: for a perfect fit & dynamic sitting.

Homeoffice swivel chair office chair ergonomic neudoerfler
Homeoffice workstation desk swivel chair ergonomics neudoerfler

For an ergonomic sitting position, the decisive factor is the interaction between the desk at the right height and the individually adjustable office chair. A swivel chair with castors can promote movement while sitting. The synchronous mechanism of an ergonomic office chair ensures that the seat follows you when you lean your back. The angle between the backrest and the seat surface thus always remains in a constant, healthy position.

The individual adjustment of seat height, seat depth and armrests additionally supports an ergonomic position. A backrest that can be both fixed and flexibly adjusted encourages movement during the working day and ensures better blood circulation and strengthened back muscles.

Sufficient lighting: For relaxed eyes and an alert view of things.

Homeoffice light lighting desk lamp neudoerfler
Grupa arigato tischleuchte arbeitstisch beleuchtung buero neudoerfler

Light has a strong impact on how we feel and how productive we are. We notice this on rainy days, for example, when there is less sunlight and we feel listless.

For the workplace, lighting by indirect light, such as a ceiling light or daylight, and direct light, such as a desk lamp, is the best combination. A desk lamp that can be individually adjusted to the biorhythm is the best choice for the home office. It is important to find a position for your workstation where you are not dazzled.

Acoustic shielding: for more "pssst" during working hours.

Home office workstation headphones acoustics partition neudoerfler
Home office bookshelf partition living room neudoerfler

Noise is a disruptive factor for concentrated work – not only at open space offices, but also at home offices. Depending on the possibility, the workplace should be set up in a quiet area. If this is not possible, furniture can help bring quiet to busier areas.

Carpets, curtains, acoustically effective lamps, notice boards, shelves as acoustic and visual room dividers or an acoustic screen – all these pieces of furniture can improve the acoustics and provide a pleasant working atmosphere.

Pleasant room climate: for energetic working days.

Home office indoor plants room climate oxygen neudoerfler
Home office view nature shelf neudoerfler

Ergonomics also includes the room climate: a pleasant temperature and sufficient humidity. Regular ventilation not only improves the air in the room, but also stimulates the circulation. Especially if several family members work at home, there should be a regular exchange of air.

Plants also support a pleasant indoor climate. Studies also prove that plants in the office and home office make people happier, increase concentration and productivity and improve air quality. Plants produce oxygen, filter pollutants and CO² and have a calming effect. A view of nature or at least the outdoors also has a positive effect.

Our tip for healthy working at the home office.

If possible, create your own work area with an ergonomic swivel chair, a desk at an adjustable height and a desk lamp. The dining table and kitchen chair are simply not suitable for working in the long term.

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