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5 tips for a better flow in the home office

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The home office is currently morphing from an occasional workspace to the main place of work. Many people miss their ergonomic swivel chair at home or the height-adjustable work table from the office. Our tips help you get into the right work flow, even in the home office.

Tip #1: Keep moving.

In order to be healthy and productive at work, you need regular breaks and movement. Work while sitting, standing and walking That’s really easy to do with a height-adjustable work table. A walk in the fresh air now and then helps you come up with new ideas.

Tip #2: Create a dedicated space.

Ensure a comfortable but clearly demarcated work area. Work only here, nowhere else. That will prevent your office gradually spreading throughout your home. And also makes the transition at the end of business so much easier.

Tip #3: Focus consciously.

Even when distractions entice you at home, always focus on your tasks. Do the most important tasks first – this also applies in the home office, perhaps even more so. A list of priorities for each working day can help with this.

Tip #4: Find new routines.

Checking your emails over a cup of coffee in the morning, having lunch in the sun, a healthy snack like a banana, muesli or nuts in the afternoon. Rituals structure the day and provide the necessary variety. In fact, quick breaks are easy to integrate in the home office than in the office. They increase concentration and motivation over the day.

Tip #5: Keep in contact.

Social contacts bring vibrancy to the working day. Regular exchange on current topics and tasks can be maintained in online meetings with colleagues. So everyone stays up to date with what is currently going on in the team. It is vital to make regular use of video functions.

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