Market town of St. Margarethen – Nature. Culture. Passion.

An impressive landscape, the love of culture in action and the passionate enthusiasm of the people – that is, by its own definition, St. Margarethen in Burgenland. And just as inspiring as the municipality’s perception of itself sounds was the redesign of the local authority building, planned by the architects Halbritter und Halbritter from Eisenstadt.

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Open space and transparency.

The local authority building, which was renovated and extended in 2018, is an example of successful architecture and of the consistent implementation of the client’s key issues: closeness to citizens, openness and service focus are expressed by the successful combination of indoor and outdoor space, the open space and transparency and not least by air and light.

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The generously glazed rooms of the local authority building invite fellow citizens to pay a visit. Transparent, friendly, service-focused – that’s a promise that is also emphatically underscored by the offices furnished by Neudoerfler. Right down to the smallest details of the furnishings, which are based on a stringent, timeless office concept.

Neudoerfler Kito Stmargarethen 2

Reduction of colour and form.

The office furniture from Neudoerfler – freestanding and fitted cabinets, work and discussion tables as well as seating – follows a consistent theme throughout. The tidy, fresh atmosphere in the offices is determined by white AER cabinets and shelving, as well as Motion work and discussion tables. In combination with the light wood floors, the white furniture in no way looks cool or sober, but creates a friendly and homely ambience. The airily light, almost floating look allows clear thoughts to be had. Files and documents disappear in the Neudoerfler cabinet systems, which are true storage miracles.

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Interior space as a mediator of attitude.

The local authority building of St. Margarethen proves that well thought-out architecture and interior design can convey values in action and attitude. In the case of the market town of St. Margarethen in Burgenland, these are service focus, closeness to citizens and transparency.

Customer name Market town of St. Margarethen
Supplied furniture AER fitted cabinets, Motion work and discussion tables, Züco “Cubo N” office chairs, Danerka “Rondo” visitor chairs, Cascando lounge furniture
Project team Neudoerfler Team Neudörfl
Photos KiTO/Michael Baumgartner
Neudoerfler Kito Stmargarethen 8