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Cubo flex – what the joy of work feels like.

The name says it all: the flexible swivel chair brings movement into everyday working life with its elastic backrest. Relaxed sitting and dynamic performance – both are possible with the flexible backrest. The Cubo flex is therefore capable of adapting itself to the dynamic tasks in the office at any time.

Zueco cubo flex buerostuhl ergonomisch sitzmoebel buero neudoerfler

A product from ZÜCO.

Healthy movement and sitting combined.

The dynamics of the curved and flexible backrest transfer to the user and open up a world of flexibility for healthy and ergonomic sitting. At the same time, the chair impresses with its timeless and elegant design. Thanks to its various design options, the Cubo flex can optimally adapted to individual needs.

Zueco cubo flex office chair office furniture management neudoerfler
Zueco cubo flex office chair neudoerfler