open up – revolutionary and dynamic

Working with motivation or leaning back and relaxing? The open up swivel chair offers possibilities for both and is also noted for its ergonomics and design.

Sedus open up buerostuhl ergonomisch management moebel neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

Uncompromisingly comfortable.

Whether you’re sitting, standing or even lying down, the open up provides the body with the best-possible support in any position. The flexible backrest can be tilted up to an angle of 45°, making it absolutely ideal for a performance-boosting power nap in the office. The integrated “Similar” and dorsokinetic mechanisms ensure freedom of movement and optimal support for an ergonomic sitting posture.

Sedus open up drehstuhl leder polsterung bueromoebel neudoerfler
Sedus open up drehstuhl bueromoebel sitzmoebel neudoerfler

High-quality design.

Real craftsmanship and superb design make the open up an office chair that gets the heart beating faster. The chair is made even more comfortable by the lavish upholstery and the stepped look of the cushion.

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Sedus open up buerostuhl drehstuhl einrichtung neudoerfler