HÅG Creed – two classics combined.

The HÅG Creed office chair combines the best of the two models HÅG 04 and HÅG 05 by the legendary designer Peter Opsvik and impresses with its simple design and excellent comfort.

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A product from HÅG.

Each movement becomes a piece of cake.

A trademark of the HÅG Creed is a special balance technology, which allows the chair to follow even the smallest movement, adapting to it automatically and to the best extent possible. The HÅG Creed therefore guarantees comfortable and healthy sitting in every work environment.

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One chair for everyone.

The HÅG Creed swivel chair adjusts itself to every stature through its many setting options. Seat depth, height of the backrest and tilt resistance can be adjusted to individual requirements in just a few simple steps. The chair can optionally be equipped with armrests or a headrest.

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Comfort and design combined.

The plain design of the HÅG Creed fits seamlessly in different rooms. The shape of the armrests completes the linear look and at the same time supports the gentle transition between different sitting positions.

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