Ili Ili – let your creativity run free.

Who wouldn’t like lighting designed to suit their personal preferences? With Ili Ili, that’s a piece of cake. The modular pendant luminaire can be individually put together in various shapes and colours.

Grupa ili ili haengeleuchte beleuchtung einrichtung moebel buero neudoerfler

A product from Grupa.

Design freedom with many possibilities.

The modular structure of the Ili Ili luminaires makes them a very special furnishing item for the office or home office. The individual elements of the lampshade can either be chosen from a large range of predefined options or individually combined. This creates whole new forms with a personal character. Common to all versions is the simple, elegant design, which makes the Ili Ili all the more impressive.

Grupa ili ili haengeleuchte beleuchtung bueromoebel einrichtung neudoerfler
Grupa ili ili beleuchtung bueromoebel einrichtung ausstattung neudoerfler

Simple design or conspicuous head-turner?

If you prefer a discreet luminaire, you can design it entirely in one colour to make stylish, graphic statements in the room. But there’s another way: everyone who likes colourful highlights can also execute the Ili Ili in a wide range of different colours.

Grupa ili ili deckenleuchte beleuchtung bueroeinrichtung neudoerfler
Grupa ili ili deckenleuchte buero homeoffice einrichtung beleuchtung neudoerfler