Vienna University of Economics and Business

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Eldorado for teaching and science

1 campus, 6 architects, 6 buildings and roughly 16.500 pieces of furniture for offices, seminar rooms and open self-study zones, supplied by Neudoerfler. The new campus of Vienna’s University of Economics and Business offers its students and employees an eldorado for teaching and science. Each building is one-of-a-kind and has the unique handwriting of its creator imprinted. The main challenges were the vast dimension and complexity of the project and the particular requirements for the furniture, which were partly developed in cooperation with architects and office planners, and ultimately resulted in the creation of electronically adjustable “Presenter Tables”. In the short time span of three months, 3.000 workplaces for students as well as 1.000 offices were furnished.

Vienna University of Business and Economics

NO.MAD Arquitectos (Madrid), CRABStudio (London), Estudio Carme Pinos (Barcelona), Zaha Hadid Architects (Hamburg), BUSarchitectur (Vienna), Atelier Hitoshi Abe (Sendai), Burghardt ZT (Vienna).

Office Consultant:
Team Gnesda (Vienna)
Delivered pieces of furniture:
conference tables „Meet:Me“, electronically adjustable presenter tables, standing desks „Motion Talk“, work tables „Motion QP“ and „Motion QD“ with CPU-fixture, pin board and cable duct, communication tables „com:table“, hinged-door storage cabinets, sliding door cabinets, shelf units, rolling containers, conference table „Quadra”

Project team:
Neudoerfler branch office Vienna  

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