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Flux E Twin & Flux E plus Twin – for soloists and team players.

Successful teamwork needs short distances, open exchange and plenty of room to develop freely. Our electrically height-adjustable Flux team workstations are ideal for joint brainstorming sessions, fast short-circuiting and creative ping-pong. At the same time, they also bring joy to individualists who appreciate lots of personal free space when focused on their work.

Flux E Twintable Gemeinsame Pinnwand Teamarbeitsplatz Neudoerfler

Perfectly tuned And open for everything.

The electrically height-adjustable Flux E Twintable impresses with its tidy look, thanks to the full-size combination foot. This supports both tabletops, which can be moved independently of one another. Two Twintable variants are available to choose from, one based on the Flux E, the other on the Flux E plus. The height of both versions can be easily adjusted from 63 to 130 cm with intuitively operable hand switches. With extra-soft start and stop so as not to disturb colleagues.

Flux E Plus Twintable Getrennte Pinnwaende Teamarbeitsplatz Hoehenverstellbar Neudoerfler
Flux E Twintable Teamarbeitsplatz Hoehenverstellbar Teamarbeit Konzentration Neudoerfler

Give momentum to life. And to the working day.

Flux E Twintables can be equipped with one fixed, shared notice board or two independently movable tabletop notice boards. That creates more privacy despite the spatial proximity and brings a little more colour to the game with photos, postcards or notes. Our twin workstation therefore promotes perfect teamwork, both seated and standing.

Flux E Twintable Arbeitsplatz Teamarbeit Neudoerfler
Flux E Twintable Teamarbeitsplatz Arbeitstisch Gemeinsame Pinnwand Hoehenverstellbar Neudoerfler

Perfectly networked.

Whether Flux E Twin or Flux E plus Twin, the following features can be flexibly configured for both versions:

  • Cable management: cables also need managing. A central, common cable tray, optionally entirely in metal or with a cover in the fabric of the notice board, creates the necessary order. Alternatively, two cable ducts direct electricity, emails and flashes of inspiration in the right direction. Or you can combine both solutions to ensure you’re always networked in the best way possible.
  • Notice board: good pinning is half the job. Decide for yourself what suits your workflow better: a fixed, shared notice board or two separate notice boards, which follow the respective tabletop when moved up and down.
Flux E Twin Kabelkanal Kabelwanne Metallabdeckung Teamarbeitsplatz Neudoerfler
Flux E Twintable Arbeitstisch Gemeinsame Pinnwand Kabelkanal Kabelwanne Metall Neudoerfler
Flux E Twintable with associated cable ducts, cable tray in metal and shared notice board
Flux E Plus Twin Kabelkanal Kabelwanne Stoffabdeckung Teamarbeitsplatz Neudoerfler
Flux E Plus Twintable Arbeitstisch Getrennte Pinnwaende Kabelkanal Kabelwanne Stoff Neudoerfler
Flux E plus Twintable with associated cable ducts, cable tray in metal with fabric cover and separate notice boards

Colours & materials

Create an atmosphere at your workstation to suit your individual needs. Select the table frame, the tabletop and the notice board of the Twintables from the following options:

Wood decorations in melamine

Show more coloursShow less colours +

Uni decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine

Table frame


Lengths in cm 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200
Widths in cm 80 / 90
Height-adjustment range in cm: between 64 and 128 (depending on lifting column model and tabletop thickness)