Flux M

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For a sustainable future.


Wellness at work – electricity-free.

The Flux M is the environmentally-friendly version of our sit/stand workstation, and functions without any electronics. The height of this work table is effortlessly – and amazingly quickly – adjustable by purely mechanical means: no motor, no cables, no electricity costs. This sustainable concept is supported by high-quality, robust materials and a timeless design – so you can feel well at work either sitting or standing, now and in the future.


Moving forward sustainably.

Retain your concentration and recharge your energy. Only if you can do both will you enjoy long-lasting wellness and sustainable success in the workplace. Keeping in motion while working is the key. Alternately standing, sitting and walking reduces pressure on your legs and back and promotes your circulation, which in turn gives you more vitality, raises your performance level and lets you enjoy your workday.


Purposely robust.

The Flux M has been built for the future, on the basis of purely mechanical functionality and highest-quality, robust materials.


Up or down in a flash.

You can adjust the height of your new work table in no time at all – maybe even faster than you can say “lickety-split”!


Changing position is as easy as pie.

Adjusting the height of your work table is always effortless, regardless of the weight of the objects on top. The Flux M’s integrated counterbalance system and clever mechanism make sure of that.


Always open for communication.

Our Flux M is uniquely versatile. It slender table legs provide extra legroom, making it also an ideal conference table for up to six people.


Timeless beauty.

With its minimalist design, featuring specially selected materials and an elegant form, in combination with its sustainable construction, the Flux M will be an unobtrusive work companion that you can rely on for a very long time.


Absolutely unplugged.

The Flux M is the height-adjustable work table for freethinkers – totally independent of electrical components, with no need for motor servicing or power cables. The manual release lever ensures uncomplicated operation.

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