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Your perfect sitting position is something we really care about – because, as you know: a chair that is ergonomically adjusted to your body, combined with a standing-sitting work place, not only reduces back pains but also enables you to complete your work with more fun and an improved performance of up to 36 %. Increased health and more output – who would not what that?

In order to find the perfect swivel chair and a suitable worktable for your individual area, we offer extensive consultation and an ergonomic check with our physiotherapists.

Our consultants will recommend the ideal product chosen from our extensive range of high-quality and elegant swivel chairs, and explain to you, how you can prevent back pains, the most widespread disease, with easy measures, such as the principle of a “standing-sitting dynamic” in combination with an electronically height-adjustable worktable.

You can test the chair directly in your office.
Take your time – or would you order your mattress from a catalogue?

If desired, our physiotherapists visits you in your office and determines, via Biofeedback measuring, the ideal sitting position for your activity, your environment and your body. Our ergonomic check can also be carried out in our showrooms.

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