NÖVOG – have a good trip to the future.

Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsges.m.b.H., or NÖVOG for short, is the largest mobility provider for everyday living and leisure in the province of Lower Austria, with six railways, two mountain railways and over 300 employees.

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Efficiency as a priority.

A modern office building as well as a workshop centre with shed and paint shop were constructed over a period of one and a half years. The entire site is made more attractive by the modern office building and active use. For the first time, all NÖVOG employees in St. Pölten have a single site to work at. That ensures contemporary and efficient operating procedures and enables even closer cooperation.

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Ultra-modern equipment for team players.

Neudoerfler installed a total of 80 desk-sharing workstations for around 120 employees, in the alpine railway station premises of NÖVOG. The new offices, which were equipped exclusively with sit-stand workstations, invite employees to move about more at work. They create a stimulating setting for close cooperation and a lively exchange of ideas. The offices are zoned around the different tasks of the people who work there – and around the fact that real team players are active here.

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For more dynamism at the workstation.

There are good reasons why every single workstation is dynamically arranged: regularly shifting between working while seated and working while standing has been shown to improve performance and reduce health problems. Ergonomically correct work means, for example, 40 minutes of sitting, 15 minutes of standing and 5 minutes of walking around. The electrically height-adjustable work tables from Neudoerfler make it easy for the employees of NÖVOG to keep moving.

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Worlds of work that stimulate.

Acoustically effective glass partitions arrange the extensive areas on a total of three floors. They create areas of retreat that enable focused concentration work, support undisturbed conversations and at the same time create transparency for active teamwork. Notice boards attached directly to the desks also guarantee the ability to work in peace and quiet. In the spaciously laid out communication areas, inviting lounge furniture and large art prints make invigorating colour statements in yellow, orange and green tones.

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Customer name Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsges.m.b.H.
Supplied furniture electric lift tables, discussion tables and chairs, centre zone elements, partition walls, lounge furniture
Project team Neudoerfler Team Vienna
Photos KiTO/Michael Baumgartner
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