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MyMotion rolling file cabinet – for teams and work.

The MyMotion rolling file cabinet gives you extra space for personal things and scope for personalization – with an optional seat on top for ad-hoc meetings.

Mymotion arbeitstisch arbeitsplatz bueromoebel team neudoerfler

Mobile and flexible.

The MyMotion rolling file cabinet fits perfectly under your desk, and thanks to its compact form it is extremely mobile. This is especially practical because, with the optional seat cushion, it can quickly and spontaneously become a seat for a colleague.

Rollcontainer Graphit Rollcontainter Weiss Eiche Rollcontainter Weiss Gelb Sitzpolster Beat 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler
Mymotion rollcontainer sitzpolster stauraum arbeitstisch bueromoebel neudoerfler
Mymotion rollcontainer toolbox arbeitsplatz neudoerfler

No need to pull – just tip it!

Since you simply tip the front panel forward to access the interior, the MyMotion rolling file cabinet provides a lot of storage room without taking up much space: room for your bag, thermos, snacks and, with the utensil drawer or the optional toolbox, all your writing utensils, too.

Rollcontainer Weiss Brillantgelb Sitzpolster Beat Innenleben Toolbox 1 Mymotion Neudoerfler

Colours & materials

With the MyMotion rolling file cabinet, you can brighten up your workspace with attractive accents of colour and create the atmosphere that suits you. The following colours are available for the body, front panel, handle and seat cushion:

Wood decorations in melamine

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Uni decorations in melamine

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Selection decorations in melamine

Accent colours*

*The accent colours brilliant yellow, fuchsia red, lipstick red and niagara green (for the outside rear panel and handle strips) are available through our customizing at an additional cost.


Width in cm 43.2
Depth in cm 49
Height in cm 56