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Driving research and technology – lab furniture from a single source.

A place where research is done, where new textures are trialled, where medical tests take place, where the technologies of the future are developed. But what does it take for all this to happen? Of course we’re talking about a functional laboratory facility that not only offers complete safety, but also adapts flexibly to various needs. At Neudoerfler, precise planning goes hand in hand with environmentally-friendly production. We rely on Austrian quality, manufacture in an energy-efficient way and source wood from sustainable forestry.

Laboratory furniture facility safety technology neudoerfler

When precision work and quality craftsmanship come together.

We offer everything from a single source. We have enjoyed great success in the laboratory furniture sector for almost 20 years. Every day, we develop customised laboratory equipment for our customers. This allows us to offer complete solutions that meet all requirements. From simple laboratories in doctors’ surgeries to high-security labs – our solutions cover all safety classes. Whatever your plans are, we’ll find a way to turn your ideas into reality.

Good planning is everything.

No two laboratories are the same. Our laboratory equipment is just as unique as the way you work. To ensure that the workflows are reflected in the spatial planning, we support you with detailed advice and customised special solutions.

Safe furniture for all safety levels in the laboratory.

A small laboratory space in a doctor’s surgery, a research facility in the food sector or a large laboratory for evaluating medical tests – no matter what requirements you have for your laboratory equipment, Neudoerfler offers the right equipment for all safety levels:

  • Safety level 1
  • Safety level 2
  • Safety level 3
  • Safety level 4
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Fully adjusted to you.

Whether working in a sitting or standing position, our work tables offer the right working height for every activity. Easy-care surfaces enable regular cleaning with disinfectants for a safe, hygienic feeling. Equipped for every challenge. Depending on whether your worktop needs to be resistant to special disinfectants or whether it gets particularly hot in your laboratory, we have the right worktop for every requirement. You can find more information about the surfaces in the catalog below.

Laboratory furniture cabinets facility research technology neudoerfler
Laboratory equipment furniture solutions advice neudoerfler

Well stowed away and always ready to hand.

Tools, test tubes, sensitive liquids and everything that’s needed in the laboratory for daily work is safely stored in the laboratory cabinets. Both wall cabinets as well as a wide range of table bases are available.

Cabinets to suit every requirement.

  • Substructures with plinth / with castors / as slide-in unit (plinth at front, castors at rear)
  • Cabinets as hanging units / wall units / tall cabinets
  • Fronts with hinged doors
  • Fronts with sliding glass doors
  • Fronts with pull-out doors (apothecary pull-out)
  • Fronts with pull-out drawers
  • Fronts with hinged glass doors
Laboratory furniture laboratory line cabinets cabinet neudoerfler

Every move is perfect here.

Ergonomic sitting is the essential ingredient for a healthy working day. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of chairs specifically designed for working comfortably in the lab. Seat surfaces that are easy to clean are a matter of course for us.

All clean in the blink of an eye. Thanks to their hard-wearing and robust materials, our laboratory chairs can be cleaned regularly and remain as fresh as on the first day.

To sit or not to sit? The healthiest working position is always the next one. Alternating between sitting, standing and walking is the key to better well-being at work. Our special office chairs are suitable for both sitting and standing thanks to their height adjustment capabilities. Standing aids can also facilitate the transition between positions.

Laboratory equipment furniture seating chair neudoerfler
Laboratory furniture, seating, workplace, neudoerfler
Laboratory furniture, ergonomic chair, seating furniture neudoerfler

All elements combined.

We offer not only room planning and furnishing, but also all the necessary connections, such as gas, water, ventilation technology and electrics, in an inclusive hassle-free package. If any of the furniture ever needs to be replaced, we also take care of maintenance and repair.

Electrics, gas, water, ventilation – we take care of it. Depending on individual requirements, the energy cells contain connections for electricity, gas or fume hoods as well as washbasins. Eyewash stations or emergency showers can also be accommodated, just in case.

ESD furniture for total safety. Our portfolio also includes ESD furniture and ESD chairs, which allow electrostatic discharge (ESD: electrostatic discharge). With special materials, earthing as well as a subsequent measurement, we ensure that our laboratory furniture is antistatic if required.

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Laboratory worktop work area cabinets furniture neudoerfler

Full equipment for all areas.

Where there is research, testing and tinkering, there also needs to be areas for planning, calculating and discussing. Height-adjustable work tables, ergonomic office chairs and sufficient storage space complement the laboratory furnishings perfectly.

Space for clever strategists and organisational talents. Electrically or manually height-adjustable desks bring movement into the working day and ergonomic office chairs support a healthy sitting position. For more variation and a fresh mind.

Space for exchanging ideas. What belongs behind closed doors is safely stored in lockers with a locking function. On the flip side, organisational pinboards ensure that the best ideas are always within reach. And because good ideas can usually only come about through team discussions, meeting rooms with flexible set-ups offer the right environment for brainstorming and project planning.

Laboratory furniture office meeting planning neudoerfler
Laboratory furniture office furniture furnishings workplace table cupboards neudoerfler