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New work models require new office furniture

The transition from a communication to a concentration work place is fluid, which is exactly where unit comes in: unit is able to give these disparate situations an adequate design.

For design team KINZO, the task was clear: to develop a modular furniture system, which provides structure for rooms. The skyline of a megacity, which, at the beginning of the design process, was seen as an analogy to the imagined product, closely resembles the final result and renders unit extraordinarily plastic. The impact of the combination of furniture is central to Kinzo’s creative concept, the individual object drifts into the background.
unit is strategically made for temporary work processes, and offers, with its acoustically shielding enclosures, an ideal room climate. In addition, these modular walls structure open rooms and create “room in room situations”, which adjust to the “new way of work”.

With its unique shape, unit has the ability to effectively highlight surfaces – with its circumferential metal frame and the characteristic, indented Y-frame, the table resembles the shape of a tablet.

Almost all surface areas come with rounded edges with a 35 mm radius: this not only makes them less bulky, it also has the effect that they can be placed freely in a room and even large table arrangements appear as a complete unit. The consistent radius is a gesture, which highlights, with its smooth shape, the uniting strength of the objects.

Concentration with top acoustics

unit wall is a combination from a unit table and a fabric enclosure, realised in different heights with a sound absorbing structure. unit wall can either be combined with a classic single work place with Y-frame or with an electronically height-adjustable table, which is equipped with a anti-clamp function made from metal.


unit wall consists of several layers. The basic structure is made from wood and metal, acoustic foam, perforated plate, fleece and a fabric cover. Its double-shell construction allows for a two-colour design. The fabric cover can be chosen in different colours, including velvet and washable fabrics.

Sound absorption

With its elaborate construction and its solid structure, unit wall is ideally suitable as broadband absorber, which significantly improves sound quality in large rooms. The product was tested in an echo chamber and achieved a value of αw = 0,75, which corresponds to a frequency-dependent absorption of 75 % of sound energy.

Download the catalogue for our unit series here (16,9 MB)

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