Tricoustic front

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The employment of a tricoustic front with storage spaces provides a reasonable opportunity for many companies to effectively reduce noise in the office.

Due to the perforated front, which is lined with acoustic fleece, sound enters at the front and can be effectively reduced as a result of the elaborate construction.

Measurements of side furniture (depth) maintain unchanged; therefore, compatibility with acoustically non-effective cabinets remains.

Tricoustic fronts are available as A class broadband absorbers, medium frequency or depth absorbers, and are produced in all fire protection classes and fit for humidors.

Tricoustic fronts are available in the shapes micro, hole (different hole gaps are possible) or nut, and have been tested with over 100 certificates by the independent acoustic laboratory TÜV-Rheinland.

Tricoustic bore is available for all storage space units starting at 2 OH.

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