secretair – the specialist in versatility.

Your personal secretair is back - it stands for elegance, but in a modern way. secretair is a versatile, mobile workplace for temporary tasks that impresses with its light appearance.

Sedus secretair work table concentration office neudoerfler

A product from Sedus.

A movable place of well-being.

High-quality materials combined with beautiful design make secretair the perfect, temporary workplace. The stylish shielding guarantees privacy and creates a homely atmosphere at the same time. Secretair makes room for concentrated work, not only in open-space offices. The modern and cozy design can make you feel like home. There are also some practical details, such as a drawer directly under the table top for writing utensils or a metal shelve that also serves as a magnet board.

Sedus secretair work table drawer office furniture neudoerfler
Sedus secretair single workstation table top wood privacy screen neudoerfler
Sedus secretair workplace table privacy screen office furniture furnishing neudoerfler

Compact & comfortable: A workplace that is focusing on the essentials.

secretair combines everything a modern workplace needs, even in the smallest space: a table top with a cozy wooden veneer, a shielding element for more privacy and innovative details. The workplace can be used for a wide variety of settings and is rearrangeable in a few simple steps. The equipment is just as versatile: storage space and electrification make secretair a self-sufficient place for diverse work situations - in the office as well as home office. Thanks to two smooth-running castors, the secretair can be used flexibly and is completely mobile. For wherever it is needed.

Sedus secretair single workstation home office neudoerfler
Sedus secretair workplace home office office facility neudoerfler