Motion Tower

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Versatile, spacious, open for everything: this is the way the Motion Tower – the “apothecary cabinet of the office” – presents itself. With these pieces of storage furniture, your individual documents can be conveniently stored in direct proximity to your work place. Much like in a cockpit, you have everything you need at hand.

Via a bow handle, the Tower can effortlessly be opened. Its rollers, which are attached to the corpus, are barely audible. If desired, the Tower can be equipped with a lock. Moreover, the Tower provides a practical way to structure work spaces and to create independent areas in the office, as well as to offer acoustic shielding from the busy office life.

Shelves and dividers, which are integrated into the Tower’s inside, offer space for personal and professional documents, and even briefcases, hand- or backpacks can be conveniently stored. Upon request, the Tower may be equipped with outlets to charge smartphones or tablets. Consequently, office surfaces are free from various “distractions”, which, in turn, are safely and securely stored.

Acclaimed international and national companies trust this modern and practical opportunity for a different usage of storage space.

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