Flux E

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For a healthy start.


Moving up to success.

We developed the Flux E work table in order to help as many people as possible to move more during their working day. Our starter model offers all the features that a fully-fledged, electronically height-adjustable table should have – at an unbeatable price. With the Flux E you can take full advantage of the benefits of moving while you work, changing positions as it suits you.


Stand up and keep going.

Work is most enjoyable when it involves variety. It’s important to keep not only our thoughts in motion, but our bodies, too. Scientific studies have shown that changing our body position often contributes significantly to reducing stress and building energy reserves. The ideal solution is a combination of sitting, standing and walking. This reduces pressure on our backs and legs while promoting blood circulation and oxygen supply – which, in turn, improves our well-being, our thinking and our creativity.


Simply keep moving.

Ergonomically correct working means, for example, 40 minutes of sitting, 15 minutes of standing and 5 minutes of walking. The Flux E makes this easy for you; it changes height in only a few seconds.


The right height for big and small.

Our Flux E provides the perfect sitting and standing heights for every person. It is freely height adjustable from 60 cm to 127 cm. Once you have found your ideal desk height for sitting or standing, you can program it. At the touch of a switch, the Flux E will move to your programmed positions.


No tangles.

With the practical cable tray, you can stow all your cables and there’s no need to replug them – or even think about them – when raising or lowering your desk.


Resistance is futile.

Our built-in collision protection prevents unintended bumps. When your desk is being raised or lowered, it stops automatically if anything is in the way.


In peace, there is power.

Adjusting the height of the Flux E is as quiet as flowing water. Maybe even a little quieter.

By the way: the Flux E is optionally available with its own notice board.



Here you can download all the information about the Flux E.

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