Conventio Wing

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Dynamic chair, specifically designed for meetings and conferences. The integrated tilt mechanism promotes movement and varied sitting positions. This stimulates the circulatory system and improves performance and concentration ability – and the conference becomes a success for all participants. The Conventio Wing consists of light materials that are simultaneously robust. Easy maintenance render this chair particularly suitable for schools, universities, libraries, canteens, cafés, meeting rooms, hotels or conference centres. The wingless backrest gives the chair an attractive appearance. 10 to 15 of these chairs are smoothly stackable.
Due to the practical linking mechanism, the chair can easily be positioned in neat rows. Seat and backrest of the Conventio Wing are available in six different colours – black, white, grey, red, yellow/green or blue/grey. A sturdy but light chair, which is effortlessly set up and removed.

Have you ever wondered about the ideal sitting position? It is definitely not your current one, but always the next one. This is why an ergonomic chair naturally follows you to your next position. It regards the movements of your body – the subtle, small ones and the big, expansive ones – and comes to a rest at precisely the moment your body wants to rest. With a chair like this, you can fully concentrate on your work, as it prevents a stiff body position and stimulates muscular activity. As a consequence, you move, without even thinking about it. This improves blood circulation, enhances oxygen supply and increases attention.

The Conventio’s seat is made from recycled materials, which come from bumpers and plastic waste. All plastic parts are marked to facilitate separation for the subsequent reutilisation.

Download product details for Conventio Wing here (523 KB)

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