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If you love innovative solutions, you have found the right office chair with HÅG Capisco. You will hardly find another chair that is as suitable for working on different levels or with height-adjustable tables as this one.
On a HÅG Capisco, you sit comfortably, be it forwardly or sidewise, and you have an impressively big reach. This chair was honoured with numerous prizes for its unique functions and characteristic design.

With its environmentally friendly design, it has furthermore set standards in the industry and has, up to today, a very good environmental balance in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, you can choose a HÅG Capisco with a clear conscience.
Dynamic ergonomics

Have you ever wondered about the ideal sitting position? It is definitely not your current one, but always the next one. This is why an ergonomic chair naturally follows you to your next position. It regards the movements of your body – the subtle, small ones and the big, expansive ones – and comes to a rest at precisely the moment your body wants to rest. With a chair like this, you can fully concentrate on your work, as it prevents a stiff body position and stimulates muscular activity. As a consequence, you move, without even thinking about it. This improves blood circulation, enhances oxygen supply and increases attention.

The dynamic sitting position of a rider on its horse has inspired the HÅG Capisco – a saddle-chair. The chair offers an ideal freedom of movement and is suitable for every table height. Since 1974, designer Peter Opsvik and his colleagues cooperate with HÅG and have helped to shape the company’s philosophy.

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