2001 – 2011

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Phoenix from the ashes, or the overcoming of a crisis

The end of a family business (1996 to 2003)

In the mid-1960s, Markons son-in-law Gerhard Klettenhammer, entered the business as sales manager of Vienna, and later for the whole of Austria. Daughter Monika has worked in the company since 1968. The acquisition coincided with a economically difficult time, as sales started to drop in the first half of the 1990s, with a consequent drop in the level of employment. However, the company worked well until the end of the 1990s, after which came the big collapse.

The new management team of Neudoerfler tried to counteract this, and to provide the company with a more modern and attractive image. From 1996 to 1999, a new assembly hall with a total area of 2.615 m² was built, the administration building was remodelled and extended, and an enticing display room was built. In total, 85 million shillings were invested in the course of 1,5 years, in order to be prepared for the new millennium. A new Viennese headquarter at Schwarzenbergplatz 7 replaced the office in Museumsstraße, and a location in Budapest was opened in 1998, to better cater to the Hungarian and Eastern European market.

In October 2000, the opening of a new display room in Graz, Liebenauer Hauptstraße, followed. An enhancement of the branches, a new EDV system, but particularly the new products were supposed to lead the company forward. With the redesign of the logo in 1997, and again in 2001, the construction of a new Corporate Identity began. In 1999, the export ratio was still at only 8 per cent, and the domestic market share at 13 per cent, which is why a better international positioning was aimed at.

Nevertheless, the year 2001 saw losses of almost 3 million Euros; 2,4 million Euros in 2002. In this year, 60 employees lost their job. Due to a massive decline in public contracts and a crisis in the construction sector, pressure was high and the market broke down by almost 20 per cent.

Back to success since 2006: Neudoerfler Office Systems

In September 2013, REB Restrukturierungs- und Beteiligungsges.m.b.H. with leader Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg and TSB AG under Mag. Anton Schubaschitz and Dr. Johann Gneist, completely acquired Neudörfler Möbelfabrik Karl Markon Ges.m.b.H. Support in these difficult times came from the municipality Neudörfl, which, based on an unanimous resolution on the initiative of mayor Dieter Posch, assumed responsibility for several millions.

The following three years saw a complete restructuring of the company. Although it had “a solid basis, excellent employees, good products and an exceptional infrastructure”, its cost structure was “devastating” (CEO Ing. Günther Marchtrenker, 2006). Costs were reduced, the organisation realigned and productivity immensely increased. In 2005, the low point with 230 employees was reached, with over 100 jobs falling shortage to rehabilitation measures. In 2004, Renggli Laboratory Systems GmbH was founded in cooperation with Renggli AG Schweiz, at the location Neudörfl. This subsidiary produced laboratory equipment for science, industry and medicine. In 2008, joint venture Prutscher Laboratory Systems replaced Renggli. In 2006, the economic turn around was successful. In this year, the company’s name was also changed to “Neudoerfler Office Systems GmbH”, in order to operate internationally in the future.

In 2008, Private Equity Fonds Athena Burgenland Beteiligungen AG unter the leadership of Mag. Klaus Stinakovits and Dr. Georg Schönbauer entered Neudoerfler Office Systems G.m.b.H. with a participation of 40 per cent. This brought the necessary liquidity for the company, to enable the subsequent growth and the essential process optimisation. Behind the fund are Burgenland-based country organisation WiBAG, the bank of Burgenland and BAWAG. ATHENA fund is partly financed by the European fund for Regional Development (EFRE). Whereas the entire industry reported drops in sales up to 30 per cent, Neudoerfler managed to achieve a plus of five per cent in the first half of 2009, thanks to optimisation of the production processes and the redevelopment of the product area.

CEO Ing. Günther Marchtrenker left Neudoerfler at the end of 2009, which he had lead with much skill since 2004. After his resignation, Mag. Helmut Sattler assumed the position of CEO and acts, in cooperation with CFO Mag. Doris Bock (manager since 2009), as manager of the established company, ever since. In 2010, Neudoerfler could secure numerous major orders from new customer from both Austria and export countries, and eventually managed to secure the biggest individual order in its history – a blanket order for standard pieces of office furniture of Bundesbeschaffungsgesellschaft (BBG).
Thanks to this, an increase in sales of approximately 20 per cent is expected. This brings Neudoerfler closer to its goal: to become Austria’s number 2 manufacturer of office furniture.


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