1970 – 1977

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Celebrated and honoured – from the 25th anniversary to the awarding of the national coat of arms

The 1970s – Neudörfler on course for expansion

On June 25th 1971, the 25th anniversary was festively celebrated with numerous guests, including president of the Landtag Karl Kriler. In the anniversary year, the company already counted 261 employees, including seven apprentices.

Until the beginning of the 1970s, reconstruction work, rationalisation measures and expansion saw a continued enlargement of the factory areal to a total of 27.000 m², of which 11.000 m² were covered with buildings. In April 1971, Neudörfler acquired the company Hofstättner. In the “Werk II”, all metal parts and pedestals were produced and subsequently powder-coated in an automatic plant.

In July 1972, a new production hall (7.500 m²) was put into operation, with Dr. Josef Staribacher in attendance. 1973, the completion of a new office building with an open-plan office of 750 m² followed.

On August 1st 1975, sole trader Neudörfler Möbelfabrik Karl Markon became a limited liability company, with the title “Neudörfler Möbelfabrik Karl Markon Gesellschaft m.b.H.”, and in the subsequent year, the company received a special award, which, in a way, marked the climax of Karl Markon’s lifetime achievement. 1976/1977, the company was the first manufacturer of office furniture that received the right to use the national coat of arms for its businesses, due to its achievements for the Austrian economy. On this occasion, federal minister Dr. Josef Staribacher, who presented the certificate, and state governor Kery visited the company Neudörfler.

More colour in the office & furniture for bosses – the flashy 70s!

Colour in the office and luxury for managers

A new logo was used to advertise the new product lines at the beginning of the 1970s. Focus of “Design 90” was a complete outer foot programme. All campaigns publicized a humanly and friendly work environment and office climate, which shall be supported by the office furniture, true to a slogan by Le Corbusier, which was used by Neudörfler during this time. A completely new concept was the “FIB series” (“colour in the office”), which was introduced in 1973. With its range of colours (orange, green, red, grey and agate), “FIB” took up the flashy trend of the 1970s. Labels “VSOP-PLUS” and “VSOP” followed in 1976, which offered tables with so-called “skid landing gear” and a cable clip-rail.

This series defined the development from wood to synthetic material, and constitutes the longest-lasting change with far-reaching implications for design, shape and production of office furniture. Only the so-called “Management programme” (presented in 1974) was reminiscent of men’s old studies, with its intensive employment of precious (nowadays protected) wood. Its flagship model was titled “M1” and was characterised by rosewood veneer and foot parts of acrylic glass or chrome. A complete set (including side and high board), amounted to 77.650,- shilling. In comparison: a standard combination from the “FIB series” with a roller blind cabinet cost around 8.000 shilling.


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