1947 – 1955

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From the construction period to the economic miracle

On a path to success with „Neudörfler Büromöbel“!

Karl Markon’s business started with a total number of eight employees. The first bigger order was the production of 3.000 wheelbarrows for the city of Wiener Neustadt in September 1946, followed by another 2.000 units. These were needed for cleaning-up of debris that was the result of severe bombings. The needed Material was windfall wood, taken from the Neunkirchner pine forest.

The young business had to deal with enormous starting difficulties; there was a shortage of everything, which is why “foraging trips” to different sawmills often had to be undertaken. With curious small orders for the Soviet occupying power, such as the production of hotbed windows or picture frames, the company managed to survive.

But Neudörfler also manufactured mortar boxes, boxes for fruit and vegetables, sofa beds, doors and windows for bombed-out buildings in Vienna, and so on. An order for school benches had to be cancelled due to power cuts in Vienna in the winter of 1946/47. The first annual balance at the end of 1946 revealed a loss of 47.000,- shilling; however, employee numbers had still risen to 37 people.

A large-scale order for 300 desks for the Burgenland government, to which Markon’s company was not unknown, eventually marked the beginning of the manufacturing of office furniture. Up to that point, no desk had ever been produced; know-how came from a Viennese employee, who had already worked in another factory for furniture and had experience in building desks.

In 1948, a so-called “living bed room” was produced, which was also advertised at exhibitions and with advertisements. Besides, kitchen creations were also produced. Nevertheless, in the late 1940s, a tendency for the production of office furniture was clearly visible, which soon became the focus of production.

Karl Markon managed to establish his young company as one of the leading businesses in the area of office furniture in the course of only a few years. As soon as 1950, the 1.000 desks had left the production sites in Neudörfl, which was festively celebrated with a visit from chamber president Ing. Vogl. In October 1952, revenues already amounted to 4 million shilling, and the number of employees had risen to 82. To facilitate distribution, delivery warehouses were set up in Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Dornbirn, Linz and Salzburg since 1951.

The company regularly presented its products at exhibitions, such as the Wiener Neustädter Ausstellung, and, naturally, in catalogues. In 1949, the first price list of Neudörfler was issued, in 1951, 21 different pieces of office furniture were already produced serially and in 1954, this number had risen to 30 variants. Especially for cabinets, but also for desks, numerous furnishing variants existed. Desk T 156 was the flagship product: a desk made from solid oak wood, with veneered panel plate and roller blind closure left and right, in the measurements 156 cm (length) and 78 cm wide and high, respectively.


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